Thursday, July 29, 2010

Personalized Kitchen Plate

This is our newest accessory in our kitchen and it cost me under a dollar! I used a Dollar Tree plate, that I found on clearance there for 50 cents and added some vinyl. I cut the W design using my Make the Cut software for my Cricut. I have two more of these sale plates left, I can't wait to come up with some designs for them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yum! Home Grown Tomatoes

Our first tomato from our tomato plant!!!
(accompanied by Spider Man)

Sometimes you just have to call in the professionals

Ryan and I aren't afraid to try projects around the house ourselves, but we do know our limits of what we can do. We thought two small retaining walls would be a project we could easily handle ourselves. At the end of our driveway we had a lot of railroad ties that needed to come out. They are a great attraction for termites, other bugs and rodents so they needed to go. The second wall is on the other side of the garage, made of railroad ties as well (that set is home to a chipmunk that has it out for Ryan).

To prepare we went to Home Depot and picked out our blocks and caps and all our necessary supplies. We choose a gray color with cut edges to match the stone on the outside of the house. Saturday morning we got up early to get to work. After about 6 hours this is what the wall looked like.

A professional is coming by the house tonight to give us an estimate. Hopefully they can fix what we've done and use our supplies.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

50 Cent Yard Sale Art

For a total of 50 cents and about a half hour on a Saturday afternoon I took some yard sale frames and made this cute button art for our family room

Here is what I started with, not my taste but the frames were great. Painted and distressed already (and only 25 cents each) I bought them without knowing what I would make, but knew I could think of something.
When I got the frames home I was first thinking I would use my Cricut and some vinyl on the glass to create some signs but decided that wasn't quite what I wanted. For this project I did limit myself to only the supplies I had on hand to make it a super cheap project. When looking through the supplies is the craft closet I found some buttons and white muslin and inspiration struck.

I used the photos from the frames and just wrapped them in the white muslin using shipping tape on the back (no one sees the back so I wasn't concerned about making it pretty)

Then I popped them back into the frames. I used a ruler and created a grid for where I should put my buttons.

I could have sewn them, but I took the short-cut way and used hot glue. It is a 1/2 hour project after all. These frames are thick enough that they are able to stand up on their own, so they can either go on a table or the wall. We placed them on top of our entertainment center. Here is the finished product again.

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