Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water in the basement, oh no or oh yeah

Last Thursday I came home over lunch to pick something up and found a mini flood in our basement. We thought it was the furnace but after having the company come out to look at it we've determined it is actually coming from the downstairs shower. That kind of plumbing is beyond Ryan's ability so we are waiting to have someone come look at it.

The way the stall shower is installed we think you have to rip out the whole shower to get to the drain. If that is the case it could turn into a little bit of a remodel, the oh yeah part of getting water in the basement (if only it had damaged the hunter green carpet down there too, but I can dream). We've been wanting to get the floor redone down there since we moved in. Its currently a hunter green faux-marble linoleum, not our taste. So if they have to rip out the shower it may be the perfect time. So in the mist of having a broken shower I'm dreaming of re-doing the room.

Here is the terrible floor now, plus the old owners equally as terrible paint color. See, it's screaming for a re-model. But since its in our basement its been low on our list.

That bathroom is also our laundry room as you can see from the photo above. In this photo you can also check out the amazing washer and dryer Ryan's Mom got us for Christmas last year. I would love to paint the cabinets white, add a neutral floor and a new paint color.

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