Sunday, August 8, 2010

We now have a wall

After calling in a contractor to give an estimate on our wall project what they wanted to charge just wasn't in our budget right now. The whole reason we decided to build the wall ourselves was to keep it a low cost project. Thankfully we have some wonderful family who helped us out. Ryan's Uncle actually does hardscaping for a living in New Jersey so he made a trip to help us get our wall completed. At about 10:30pm last Friday night Ryan's mom called us to say he would be here the next morning around 11am to start working. I still can't believe he drove all the way here to work for a day. His results are amazing and we couldn't thank him enough.

Here are the guys getting to work

The first row is on

Its starting to get dark and they are still working.
Thank goodness we have a motion light on the side of the house that points toward the wall so they could keep going.

Ryan working on the back-fill today to finish it up. Our next step is to add a
flower bed behind the wall. The actual planting may wait until next spring because the plant selection is pretty picked over right now.

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