Friday, August 14, 2009

Our work in progress kitchen is almost done

When we purchased our house we knew the kitchen needed work but didn't realize how much until we started working on it. The previous owners had painted the cabinets off white, added new hardware to them, put in new counter tops and a ne
w stove, oh and they also did a blue sponge paint motif on the walls. We loved the counter tops, they are corian in gray with flecks of white, black and gray but the rest of the kitchen needed some work. We think the cabinets were the original ones (the house was built in 1979) that they painted and tried to reconfigure themselves, and left a lot o
f gaps where there should be cabinets. They didn't even have attached tops on the upper cabinets, there were just pieces of laminate laid over them and a lot of the doors and drawers didn't close correctly. So we decided new kitchen cabinets were one of our top projects that we wanted done as soon as possible.

Here is the kitchen before any work was done. In the photos the cabinets don't look so bad but in person they were a mess. The paint was chipping and uneven and they were not a great quality.

We had a friend ours who owns a custom home building company come over and look at the kitchen to see what he could do to make it a little more functional for us. (Note this friend will be mentioned over and over again in my blog because he has now done a ton of work for us that all looks great. We are so thankful for him because without him helping us out we would have only been able to have a fraction of the work done and probably not as nice. ) He came over and brought us two choices of cabinets that would fit into our budget, Ryan and I both really like the same one as soon as we saw them. In addition to putting in the new cabinets he was going to move the stove over so it would not be right next to the fridge, which is not good for the fridge or the electric bill. They were able to save our counter tops, which was great because they were brand new.

Here are the after photos of the cabinet installation

On this side of the kitchen they added a cabinet where the previous owners had a large gap that they had put a shelve in and had their microwave below the counter.

We purchased a micro-hood to match the stove (this was actually my anniversary present from Ryan and I was really excited about it). When installing the cabinets they added the drawers to the side of the fridge and moved the stove to make it more energy efficient for us. Overall this new cabinet set up gives us so much more storage.

This weekend we will be painting the kitchen

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