Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Search For Our Home

Ryan and I had been looking for a house for about eight months before finding one that would work for us. We probably looked at about 25 properties plus met with a home building company. We just weren't finding anything that was in our budget that was right for us. Some of the places we saw were alright, but a lot of weird layouts since we were looking at older homes. One even had two giant snake tanks (with live snakes in them) and smelled like a pet shop, another was bright aqua. We knew we weren't going to get a perfect house for our budget and would have to put some work into it but what we were being shown was way more work then we were thinking.

So in May we decided we needed to switch Realtors. With the original realtor we were using we just didn't feel like she understood what we wanted in a home, so we went on the recommendation of a co-worker of Ryan's and had a meeting with her and decided she was right for us. On the first day she took us out to look for homes we mentioned a house that has just come on the market that week, she said since we were in the area we should try to get in to see it, about 20 minutes later we were there for a showing. When we walked in it just looked like a house for us. It wasn't perfect but had a lot of the features we were looking for. We decided right then to put an offer on it (and this was about 5pm on a Sunday night). We were able to get our financing done that night and after going back and forth with the sellers a little we had a house by Tuesday night. Once the offer was accepted we had 30 days until closing and to get our inspection done.

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