Sunday, August 9, 2009

Picking Paint Colors

One of the first things we knew we needed to do was to paint the whole house. All the colors that the previous owners had picked were not our taste in colors at all. Plus all the rooms looked like they had been painted several years ago and were in need of repainting. Since we had to do the entire house we decided to make it easy on ourselves (and the family helping us) and use the same color for most of the house. We ended up using all Color Place brand paint from Walmart, since we had so much to paint it was the best value for us. So far we've gotten everything painted except for the kitchen and the bathrooms. The kitchen we just finished this week and we got the paint for it this weekend (before and after will be coming soon). The main floor bathroom needs some major cosmetic work done to it so that will be a project we will tackle this winter.

For the basement we went with the color Sweet Basil with white for the trim. On the swatch it was a light, warm green but on our walls it came out a little more yellow then we thought it would.

For the main floor of the house we decided to go with a color called Spanish Chestnut, its a warm beige. Here it is covering up the terrible gray that was painted in the living room, dining room and halls. It made it look so much lighter in every room.

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